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A purring warm welcome to Scratzme, the home of playtime, exquisite quality and cozy comforts! Our main focus is to keep all members of the family happy, no matter how many paws they have.

At Scratzme Famous Feline Furniture, we specialise and take pride in manufacturing only the best cat furniture in South Africa, with all your feline friend’s needs in mind. Our furniture are made of high quality, pet friendly materials, and ongoing research and development is done prior to launching any new designs, ensuring that your kitty receives the perfect home.

Scratzme’s Cat Furniture provides your cat with stimulus both mental & physical and addresses the instinctual needs of your cats. Scratzme cat furniture offers a place for kitties to vent all of their behaviors, safely and without destroying your furnishing or belongings. Our cat furniture is assembled using solid, untreated wooden posts and shutterply pine boards covered with A-grade quality carpet, plush faux fur fabrics and natural sisal twine. These serve to trim claws and provide opportunity for territory marking. This also helps to minimize territorial marking elsewhere in the home.

Scratzme’s Cat Furniture assist to relieve the stress your cat can develop when sharing her environment with humans and other pets. Cats need to climb and seek different heights. Our cat posts address this need with a design that incorporates maximum vertical range; while they can paw at toys on ground level, or go to ceiling level to survey their indoor surroundings.

We gladly assist with designing and manufacturing custom units where necessary.  We believe in having fun, while designing and manufacturing the best quality pet products that will keep both owner and pet happy. Quality, style and durability for the owner, while offering the best possible support and comfort for your furry companion.

Scratzme Cat Furniture allows your furry companions to be themselves!

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Founder, Ronel de Villiers, has always had a clear vision of wanting to offer a unique service to discerning and health conscious companion pet owners. Since the opening in 2004, Scratzme Fabulous Feline Furniture has continually maintained the highest standards and quality products. We define quality by evaluating the supplies, manufacturing techniques and the quality of every product. Our product lines include only the finest high quality, unique, comprehensive range of “boutique” toys and custom care items for everyday use.


Bridget – Accounts Dept & Administration

Heidi – Sales Dept & Client Liaison

Mada – Factory Manager

Thompson, Gift, Sanki, Happy, Lucky, Kondwani – Manufacturing Technicians

These guys are the best in the business!!!




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