Are Cats Intelligent?

Clever cat open door

Most cat owners know that their cats are as intelligent as dogs. And many believe them to be more intelligent.

One only has to look on Youtube to see how many clever cats there are, and while they might not slavishly worship their owners like dogs, the reality is that you are truly blessed when a cat picks you as his/her guardian.


take you to media reports on the intelligence of cats although it does appear in this case that the scientists may be a little uncertain of their own findings:-


In fact, cats have more nerve cells in the visual areas of their brain , a part of cerebral cortex, than humans and most other mammals. … Maybe because they are too smart to be enslaved by humans. As Huffington Post puts it, “dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you.” ~ Feb 24, 2013

On a point of order, any cat owner could have told them that!!

Russian Blue

Russian Blue


“Cats have a greater capacity for complex problem solving than dogs.” ~ Posted Feb 23, 2013


Cats can be trained and many love interacting with their owners, playing fetch, going for walks and drives, playing in the park and on the beach. Don’t risk taking a cat for a drive or walk etc. until you have assessed them carefully and taken precautions against your cat getting a fright and running away.

They need to be introduced to driving in a car and walking on a harness slowly and patiently.

It is perhaps our own perceptions about cats that we have not encouraged them to participate the way we do with dogs.

If you google cat trainers in your area there may well be experts who can bring out the best in your cat and give you both many hours of fun and bonding.