Donations for Hillside Haven Sanctuary in KZN

THANK YOU!!!!!! The scratching posts are AMAZING!!!

At the moment they are inside with our twins, Aslan and Bastian, Bellatrix the Bunnycat and Crookshanks the wobbly cat. They have done thorough quality control and they have given them their stamp of approval ?

In a few weeks we will have a new Wendyhouse in our outdoor sanctuary and they will be moved into the Wendy house for the rest of the cats to enjoy.

We are SO grateful!

I will tag you in a thank you post tomorrow.

Huge love and thanks from all of us

Hugs and Kittens
Dr Taryn & the Hillside Haven Family







Hi There

Hillside Haven is a home for differently-abled cats & other animals. We are the only organisation in South Africa who cares for disabled animals. We provide sanctuary and healthcare for the animals so that they can lead a full and happy life. Hillside Haven aims to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and differently-abled cats and the possibilities they can still have as loving pets.

Based in Durban, Hillside Haven is an organisation which relies solely on the goodwill and financial support of its dedicated volunteers and especially from the general public.

Durban was hit by very severe storms, and the Hillside Haven sanctuary suffered terrible storm damage. Our roof was destroyed along with our Wendyhouse, which was the main shelter for our 40+ cats, as well as most of our kennels.

We are in the process of rebuilding the sanctuary and trying to make it even more paw-some for our cats and were hoping your company would be able to assist in this regard. We would love to put some of your beautiful cat trees in our sanctuary (in a weather-proof area). In return, we could offer exposure via our Facebook page which has 977 followers and an organic reach of +- 4500 hits per week and via our mailing list of 1000 subscribers.

Thanks in advance.

Hugs and kittens

Dr Taryn Turner & The Hillside Haven Family???