Our Mission & Values


To provide pet owners with the education and knowledge to make informed decisions about the pet products they choose for their beloved companion’s.


The following are a list of our core values. These values are the underpinning of our company’s culture and why so many people (and animals) enjoy our products and invest in them for their companion animals.

Quality Standards: We aim to maintain high standards at all times and our goal is to sell the highest quality products we possibly can. We define quality by evaluating the supplies, safety and functionality of all of the products we offer.

Passion for Pet products: We appreciate and understand how quality products can make a difference in your pets’ life.


Our Customers: They are the most important shareholders and the lifeline of our business. It only by providing excellent customer experiences and service are we able to do the thing we are passionate about, creating happy, healthy pets.

Education: Our goal is to provide today’s pet owner with the awareness and education to make informed decisions about their companion’s health and wellness. We advocate a common sense approach to manufacture products that are 100% safe for your pets and believe wholeheartedly that the cornerstone to good health is mental and physical stimulation.

Meaningful Value: We offer value to our customers by providing the FINEST high quality pet products to pet owners throughout South Africa. We are constantly looking for ways to improve upon the exceptional value we already offer our customers.


Wise Environmental Practices: We cherish and respect our environment and that is why wherever we able, we recycle, reuse and reduce our wastes.


Integrity in all our business dealings: We currently supply to stores and online stores across South Africa. These relationships have been established and nurtured over many years and are central to achieving success. Our philosophy of working closely with our customers is key in our mission to educate and build knowledge about our pet products in the communities we serve. The products we sell are simply the finest quality we can source, and the companies we partner with have proven track records and share in our mission in supporting pet health, social and environmental responsibility.

Honesty and Communication: We are committed to honestly, integrity and clarity when communicating with our customers what we expect and do the same in return.

Education: We partner with our customers to educate, inspire and communicate their outstanding products to the community. This ensures that they truly understand the products we carry and how they can best suit individual pet needs.

Innovation and Differentiation: We are always looking for improved supplies and products from our supply partners that enable us to be on the forefront of the pet accessory industry.