Even dogs go crazy for Scratzme Kiara!

Dear Scratzme Team
Thank you so much, Kiara’s Empire is so lovely.  All of our cats (Luigi,
Scarlet, Ollie, Kiara, Simba and Peaches) absolutely love it, they are all
on it, all the time.  You see, we even have a cat called Kiara.
The fabric is perfect.  They are looking forward to receiving the Munchkin
With much thanks
Kelly and all my happy kitties

Every drop counts – water relief Cape Town

Scratzme Fabulous Feline Furniture has sourced alternative water supplies outside of the Western Cape to ensure the continuity of our services to our customers and to support our staff at our facilities.

As the full extent of the crisis is largely unknown, we are in the planning process and endeavoring to cover as many eventualities as we can in order to minimize and /or alleviate any potential disruption to our services.

South Africa has never faced a challenge of this scale before, and the best laid plans might be just that. However, rest assured that these plans are subject to ongoing evaluation as circumstances unfold.

Based on current assumptions and information available publicly, Scratzme does not anticipate any negative impact on our services. We are reviewing the situation on an ongoing basis, and should circumstances change, we will communicate alternative service plans timeously.