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Innovation and creativity is essential to keep your kitty occupied

Make Your Cat Posts Innovative

It is important to prevent your cat from scratching the furniture inside the house. Scratzme cat posts are designed specifically to meet this problem. These posts will help your cat practice their natural instinct without any difficulty. In this context, it is worth mentioning that Scratzme’s cat posts in South Africa have become extremely popular for their various sizes and designs.

However, you need to do certain things to make your cat post effective. For instance, cats have a natural tendency to mark a favorite place for executing their scratching practice. You need to identify the place and prevent the cat from returning to it. You can do this by covering the spot with a piece of plastic. It will force the cat to return to the cat post you have bought specifically for this purpose. Scratzme South Africa cats posts will offer you plenty of options to choose from which will surely be to your liking and meet your cat’s requirements.

You would also do well to remember that cats leave a scent to mark their favorite place. So, you should make all efforts to remove that scent in order to divert your cat to the place you want. Alternatively, you can make the new area for your cat’s scratching more inviting compared to the previous place it used. To make this happen, you have to be a bit innovative in your approach. You need to attach some new items with your cat post like ‘cat condos’, ‘cat gyms’, ‘cat trees’, etc. These new additions will certainly attract your cat’s attention to become their new favorite place!

Train your cat to understand the importance of using the new post. Remember, training on a regular basis is crucial for altering your cat’s natural tendency. So, try to accommodate a time slot for your cat’s training within your daily schedule to experience the difference.  This time will become your special bonding time and very pleasurable once you get to know and understand your kitty’s personality!

Great tips and what to look for when buying Cat Posts

Tips for Buying Cat Posts

Pet cats are always special. They can provide you bundles of happiness. However, some of their natural instincts can also create nuisance at times if you are not familiar and prepared for taking care of a kitten. You have to take a calculated approach in order to prevent such problematic conditions. Purchasing cat posts from Cape Town can prove to offer a good solution for you. Cat posts from South Africa in general have earned an  great reputation in the market. So, you can trust their quality for solving your problem.  Please be aware of imitations and inferior quality no-name brands.

Cats have a natural tendency to scratch whatever they come across. So, you would be highly optimistic to expect that they would spare your expensive furniture for some reason or other. However, Cape Town cat posts and other cat scratching items can prevent you from such embarrassments. Scratzme cat furniture are  designed for your cat’s liking and with their every need in mind.

It would be naive to think that all posts meant for your cat’s scratching are same. There are lots of variations in respect to design, size and quality. So, it is absolutely vital to find the best cat post for your feline friend. The cats are intelligent enough to spot minor differences which are not always visible to the human eye. Even more so, since these types of posts are going to become an important part in your cat’s life, careful considerations on your side becomes crucial to the final outcome.

The most important consideration for selecting a cat post is its height. An ideal post length would be three times the height of your pet. This will make your cat comfortable and allow it to stretch with ease. The next important consideration becomes the material of the post. Cats usually prefer rough surface materials. So, keep this in mind before buying a cat post. Finally, though looks will never bother your cat, it becomes important if you decide to place the post in your living room.