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Terri, Smokey Joe, Chloe & Sassy are all happy with their Sleepy Tower!!

Hi Scratzme, 

I trust you are well 🙂


This email is a little overdue, but I’ve just been so busy & haven’t found the time 😛  I can happily say I received my order on Monday afternoon!  Thank you so much 😀  The towers arrived in perfect condition & I have absolutely nothing to complain about.  The kitties are infatuated with their new ‘playhouses’.


My cat Smokey Joe (grey) didn’t know what to do first when we unpacked it 😛  He was all over the place, it was hysterical!  Jumping up and down, diving under the first platform, attacking his rattle toy . . . . It was just too cute!


My mom’s cats Chloe (black/white) & Sassy (tortoise) were a little more weary at first, think its because they are much older cats.  But as you will see from the pictures, Chloe has claimed her spot at the top 😛


Thank you so much for an awesome “ordering” experience!  There were no hiccups and everything was hassle free 😀  It was such a pleasure to order from you & I’ll definitely be recommending you!! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Warm Regards,

Terri, Smokey Joe, Chloe & Sassy


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