Kiara’s Empire


An awe-inspiring lavish unit, this scratch post is your cat’s wildest dream come true. It features tunnels, beds, ladders, hammocks, and a cradle for all-day fun! Your cat will thank you! (Or not—hey, even with the cat tree of their dreams, cats are still cats.) This design includes the traditional tubular posts, so the household of cats can scratch them from any angle comfortably.


The superior Kiara’s Empire scratch tree literally has everything your fur-kids could wish for. This is their very own version of Disneyland! The superior, comfy cat beds are perched on the sisal twine wrapped posts which allows for an awesome view of the action below. There are several fancy platforms boasting elevated lounging areas. Interactive units like these encourage exercise when moving from one level to another. This sturdy, durable unit has been built for cats who like to jump distances. The platforms provide multiple angles and elevated lounging areas in order to promote your kitties exercise routine. The Kiara’s Empire offers a variety of sleeping options, including aerial hammocks, tunnels and the comfy cradle! Our stylish, modern design demonstrates our dedication to unparalleled standards of quality in the realm of cat furniture.

Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 126 × 75 × 180 cm

Light Grey, Charcoal, Black


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