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Feline Inspired Home Décor – Green Living by Design | Eco Friendly Modern Comforts | UNIQUE QUALITIES OF UNITS: • Purchase with confidence • Happier feline loved one's and "parents" guaranteed! • No assembly required • All materials are tested using safety standards • The materials used are, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable • Every piece is precise and connected securely • All materials are uniquely manufactured, exquisitely cut and designed using a laser machine. 3-IN-1 DESIGN * Cats love cardboard but having loads of boxes strewn across your stylishly decorated living room will not create the most desirable effect. HIGH DENSITY & DURABLE * For this range, we have chosen the highest quality honeycomb paper, which is more dense and durable than others. Cats can bite, grasp roll and climb on these cat scratcher toys. These scratchers will not cause any allergies. INNOVATIVE VARIABLE SHAPES * The variability of the cat scratching range allows you to create more shapes for your cats by choosing one of our ultra modern designs that is not only attractive to your furry friends, but will match your home décor flawlessly. PORTABLE * The units are super easy to move around, it is easy and light and no assembly is required ever. It can easily be stored in a cupboard if you need more space when your cat is not playing with it, or move and travel with. Happiness for all!! CARE INSTRUCTIONS * • Open package carefully using a sharp implement • Keep plastic wrap away from children & pets • Store in a clean, dry area away from direct heat sources • Wipe unwanted marks and spills immediately to prevent damage. Please note the Earth Friendly Range comes ready for use. Each piece is lovingly pre-assembled by hand, meaning each one is unique!

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  1. Violet


    Regular Price: R1,377.00

    Special Price R1,251.81

  2. Saddleback Sugarbush

    Saddleback Sugarbush

    Regular Price: R1,589.00

    Special Price R1,381.70

  3. Pod Mahogany

    Pod Mahogany

    Regular Price: R1,871.00

    Special Price R1,627.00

  4. Marula


    Regular Price: R1,589.00

    Special Price R1,381.00

  5. Ebony Guarri

    Ebony Guarri


  6. Cedar


    Regular Price: R1,024.00

    Special Price R930.00

  7. Camel Thorn

    Camel Thorn

    Regular Price: R1,500.00

    Special Price R1,304.00

  8. Bushveld Saffron

    Bushveld Saffron

    Regular Price: R1,588.00

    Special Price R1,380.00

  9. Boabab


    Regular Price: R1,589.00

    Special Price R1,382.00

  10. Black Mangrove

    Black Mangrove

    Regular Price: R1,094.00

    Special Price R994.50

Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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