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  1. High-Rise Twin

    High-Rise Twin


    50 x 135 x 2.8m, separate units joined with ladder, attached to ceiling Learn More
  2. Vibrant Village

    Vibrant Village

    Regular Price: R4,273.00

    Special Price R3,999.00

    65 x 95 x 180cm, full house with swing, beds, cradles Learn More
  3. Nature's Answer

    Nature's Answer

    Regular Price: R3,876.00

    Special Price R3,650.00

    60 x 60 x 2m, large house/bed on ground level with tray, large cradle & tree Learn More
  4. Tonkinese


    Regular Price: R3,518.00

    Special Price R3,400.00

    55cm x 60cm x 1.35m Learn More
  5. The Ritz

    The Ritz


    75x45cm x 1.85m, multiple levels, ladder and 30cm dia. tunnel bed Learn More
  6. Cat Flats

    Cat Flats

    Regular Price: R3,256.00

    Special Price R3,000.00

    80x55cm x 1.8m, 4 levels with access holes on level 2 and top level. An amazing unit for large breed cats, lots of levels to chase each other or just chill out. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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