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A purring warm welcome to Scratzme, the home of playtime, exquisite quality and cozy comforts! Our main focus is to keep all members of the family happy, no matter how many paws they have.


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South Africa’s Favourite Cat Furniture, available nationwide! Over 120+ of the plushest, sturdiest designs for kittens & large breeds.

At Scratzme, we specialise and take pride in manufacturing the best cat furniture with all your feline friend’s needs in mind. Our furniture is made of premium pet-friendly materials whilst ongoing research and development are done prior to launching any new designs, ensuring that your kitty receives the perfect, secure toys to enhance their well-being. Your companion animals are our priority!

Scratzme’s Cat Furniture provides your cat with both mental & physical stimulation whilst addressing your cat’s instinctual needs. Our cat furniture offers a place for kitties to vent their behaviours safely without destroying your furniture or belongings. Our products are assembled using solid, untreated wooden beams and shutter-ply pine boards, covered with A-grade carpet and plush Mongolian fleece fabrics, as well as natural sisal twine which aids in trimming claws and provides opportunities for territory marking. Cat trees are essential to create a healthy environment for cats to thrive.

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   Scratzme Cat Furniture allows your furry companions to be themselves!

Cat Furniture & Puzzle Games

Natural Care & Grooming

Eco Friendly Scratchers

Doggy Aid Stairs & Shelves

Healthy Food & Supplements

Scratzme Collection

  • Cat Scratching Posts & Furniture
  • Eco Friendly Cat Scratchers
  • Natural Pet Products
  • Doggy Stairs & Loaders
  • Companion Animals Food

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Delivery lead time for nationwide orders are 7-12 working days from date of order placed and payment received. Please allow an additional  2-3 days for shipping, based on the destination.  Once orders are ready for dispatch, we inform the client of the courier details and delivery information pertaining the order.

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  • Innovative Shapes
  • 3 in 1 Design
  • High Density & Durable
  • Portable

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