Plush Boutique Collection

Scratzme’s Cat Furniture assist to relieve the stress your cat can develop when sharing her environment with humans and other pets. Cats need to climb and seek different heights.  Our cat posts address these needs with designs that incorporates maximum vertical range; while pawing at toys on ground level, or go to ceiling level to survey their indoor surroundings.  We gladly assist with designing and manufacturing custom units with the primary objective to produce the best quality pet products that will keep both owner and pet happy. Quality, style and durability for the owner, while offering the best possible support and comfort for your furry companion.

Let our cat trees release your feline’s inner royalty!

This collection is finished completely in the plushest fleece fabric. Mongolian fleece is a long pile, premium quality fabric which ensure a super soft, snuggly warm, cozy abode & trendy environment for the fur-kings & queens of your heart!