Norwegian Forest


The Norwegian Forest is much taller at 1.7m and larger in dimensions than any other similar designs, creating additional space for multi cat homes. Investing in a good scratching post is essential for a happy and healthy cat. Our team has designed this play station with maximum height and space in mind. It will fit neatly into the corner of any room for that cat owner who is has a shortage of floor space.

It boasts six resting areas ensuring each cat has their very own space to relax and play. Easy to reach platforms and a ground level playhouse ensures this unit caters for older cats too. Four sisal wrapped posts offer ample opportunity for stretching those long bodies and cleaning those nails. The strategically placed super strong, high quality fleece hammocks at alternate levels provide your cat the Purrfect spot to hang out and from which to survey their surroundings. A large lounging area offers ample space for numerous cats to snuggle together.



The Norwegian Forest unit is designed for large breed cats with a reinforced base to ensure additional stability. It has large platforms, beds & posts results in larger play areas and additional space to move around comfortably.  The height is extended to the maximum to ensure ample vertical space.

This compact cat tree fits neatly into the corner of a room at 1.7m tall. This hotel provides a magnificent play station for a multi-cat household. The Norwegian Forest boasts a choice of six areas where cats can lounge around. Everyone gets to have their very own space to play and relax. Older cats are considered with the ground level play house and easy to reach platforms. The two super soft but super strong hammocks make this cat tree a firm favourite and the spacious lying place measuring 70cm x45cm x15cm with 150cm diameter natural sisal twine rope posts.

The cradle on top measures 70cm x 45cm x15cm and is deep enough the place their favourite cushion or blanket inside, creating a familiar environment with all of your cat’s precious toys and favourite things to remain entertained.



Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 60 × 170 cm

Tobacco, Light Grey, Charcoal, Black


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