Carriers, Crates & Travel

Pet Carriers create a sense of stability while protecting your pet completely and are one of the the single most important dog accessories one can own and not because they’re ultra-stylish but also due to the fact they provide plenty of benefits when traveling domestically, overseas or walking about anywhere in both inner cities and suburban crowded areas.

Since there are many versions of pet carriers available, it’s always important to explore which carriers you’re looking for to serve that specific purpose to ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe at all times.

This is one of the most important steps in ensuring your pet’s safety when traveling. A good-quality carrier not only contains your pet during transit, it also gives him a safe, reassuring place to stay when confinement is necessary at your destination. Investing in a top range “temporary home”for your pet will give you peace of mind that they are as comfortable and secure as possible.Acclimate your pet before the trip so she/he views the crate as a cozy den, not a place of exile.

A crate will confine your pet en route and also may come in handy if Spot or Snowball must stay in the room unsupervised. A secured crate also assists your pet with crate training or crate rest/confinement post injury, which may be essential for puppies, adult and senior dogs.