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Scratching is a fundamental feline activity. There is no way to live with cats and not deal with their need to scratch. The trick is to prevent cats from scratching furniture and redirect their attention to where they are encouraged to scratch.

The first thing to prevent cats from scratching furniture is providing at least one scratching post, several would be better. Cats like to stretch and scratch after sleeping or after meals and therefor makes sense to place a scratching post near their food bowls and sleeping areas. Cat trees provide for a number of feline activities at the same time, and whilst they make excellent observation areas, they also promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Keeping cats entertained is another way to prevent cats from scratching furniture. Boredom and lack of exercise can lead to frustration which is often taken out on the furniture. Actively playing with your cat promotes the bonding process, as well as them releasing excess energy. Creating a comfortable spot near a window will keep your cat entertained while the human is absent.

Another trick to prevent cats from scratching furniture is to change, remove or replace the texture of the item. Usually cats decide what to scratch based on how it feels under the paws. Non-toxic oils such as Citrus or Eucalyptus can be applied to the endangered objects as a deterrent. (Tea tree oil must be avoided!)


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