Rip-roaring Puzzle Games

Nina Ottosson is according to many dog psychologists and trainers around the world one of the best in developing and designing educational activity toys and puzzle games for you and your pets. The products are carefully developed, using only the best materials for optimal function and safety for the dogs. All Nina Ottosson puzzle games & toys are non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free, and approved for food, we also have many games made of composite plastic, an eco-friendly material, which is a mixture of both wood and plastic. The composite plastic has a heavier design, which is excellent for dogs that are a little eager and tough. All our games in both plastic and composite can be washed with detergent in hot water, which means that both dry and wet food can be used.

These toys are multi-functional, excellent quality and superb additions for companion animals who are eager to work, learn or interact. We only list products that we have personal experience with & verified success stories to vouch for these innovative products.

All dogs and cats regardless of size, breed and age can play with our games, there are 4 different difficulty levels, so there is a suitable level and game for everyone.

The motivation to solve them is what you put in the games. Some dogs and cats are very food-motivated and can eat their food in the games, while some are pickier and like something extra tasty to work for.

Nina Ottosson’s philosophy is that dogs and cats have four legs and one head, and all five need exercise in different ways daily, both physically and mentally, some require more than others, but everyone needs it.

Puzzle games are mentally challenging, it´s fun problem-solving rewarded with treats. Puzzle solving exercises your pet’s mind and body, which prevents and reduces boredom and behavior problems.


Which difficulty level should I choose for my dog?

Think about crossword puzzles for us humans, we need to start easier to understand the concept, and step by step advance to more difficult versions. If we start too difficult, we will be frustrated and finally give up. A cat or dog who doesn´t understand how a puzzle works, can by instinct start chewing their way into the treats, instead of working for them, which is completely normal for pets if we don´t teach them the playing rules, and how the puzzle works.

Easy – Level 1:  Suits beginners, puppies, dogs who have never played before, and if you are unsure if your dog like puzzle solving for treats. Perfect as slow feeders for dogs

Medium – Level 2: Suits all kind of cats & dogs, in all sizes and ages.

Advanced – Level 3: When your cat or dog has mastered level 2 puzzles, you can move up to a more advanced challenging puzzle. 

Expert – Level 4: When your dog or cat has mastered level 3 puzzles, you can move up to the expert level. Congratulations and good luck!


Note: These are just general suggestions to help you get started, and they are suitable for most dogs/cats in these categories. However, all dogs/cats are different, and there are of course other games that are suitable as well.