Catnip Gift Pack Tin 100g Medium Grain


Catnip Gift Pack Tin 100g Medium Grain

This forms an Ideal Gift for your feline friends. Refills are available in the form of our Bulk Pack that fits neatly into the tin.

Super Catnip is a non-addictive herb that sends most cats into states of kittenish, friskiness and euphoria. Super Catnip can be spread on the ground, or a simple toy can be made by filling a sock, or cloth pouch with the herb for ultimate feline fun.


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Catnip Gift Pack Tin 100g Medium Grain

Catnip Gift Pack Tin 100g Medium Grain is beneficial to sedentary cats, or those living indoors keeping them active and exercised. Super Catnip can also be used to comfort sick or anxious cats that may be recovering from surgery or getting used to a new home

Super Catnip is freshly grown in South Africa, and the variety used is incredibly pungent.

Catnip Facts

Medicinal Properties

Catnip has been used as a herbal remedy for humans since the early 15th century. Catnip tea is the oldest European Tea and has traditionally been known to have the following benefits: * It is a rich source of vitamin C. * It is good for feverish colds, as it helps to increase the perspiration without increasing body temperature, and also acts as a mild seditive. * An infusion of Catnip is usefull in the treatment of restlessness, insomnia and colic in children. * Catnip is known to relieve pain associated with menstration and indigestion. Kunduchi Pet Products is one of the biggest suppliers of the Catnip Herb and Spray, and we grow it right here in South Africa.