Cat Nap Scratcher


Cat Nap Scratcher

This Cat Nap toy assists with entertainment for younger or playful cats and is designed with an extra hessian scratch area. Some cat scratch posts do not allow or offer more than just a scratch post in which case, this design is ideal as an addition to your regular post.

The Cat Nap is a magnet for kittens and young inquisitive cats who like to explore and seek adventures!

It can be utilised on both sides and ensures fun at playtime while cats enjoy to curl around, stretch and kick – all in a days fun!

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Cat Nap Scratcher

The Cat Nap scratcher is a grand toy for jumping over and diving under, exercising & stretching the body while having crazy fun moments.

This unit is ideal as an extra toy around the home and suitable for kittens and small breeds. The Cat Nap design is also very handy to take with when travelling with cats, should you like to take some of their toys or familiar things along on vacation or for temporary visits.

Felines can sharpen their claws on the large, durable sisal wrapped scratching surface instead of on your furniture or carpet. If a nap or a place to hide is in order, the cat can curl up in either the waves arm or under the archway – both create the perfect cosy retreat.

The sleek design and neutral fabric of the Cat Nap make an attractive addition to any home.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 75 cm

Light Grey, Charcoal, Black


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