Cat Toy Catnip Crunch Fish Petstages


Cat Toy Catnip Crunch Fish Petstages

Petstages Catnip Crunch Fish contains catnip and crinkle sound, which will keep your kitten engaged and happy during playtime. Making playtime fun and exciting once again!

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Cat Toy Catnip Crunch Fish Petstages

Looking for a toy for your cat which she can use for her hunting and pouncing skills? Then you need to try the Petsages Catnip Crunch Fish, which has a fun and exciting crinkle sounding material which will occupy your kitty and keep her interested. What cat won’t love a toy which will inspire them to use their natural kicking and hunting instincts, a toy that will help them be the cat they were always meant to be.

The Petstages Catnip Crunch Fish will make sure your cat has a lot of energetic playtime, lots of kicking and hunting play and delight her ears with the wonderful crinkling sounds while she plays! The toy also contains catnip, which will keep your cat happy and engaged with her new toy. What cat doesn’t love catnip?

Make your kittens day by bringing a new toy home that will benefit her natural needs!