This triangular toy box with thick 60cm tall scratch post has an interesting shape of a cheese-wedge for the creative kitty and owner.

The Cheezy is a fantastic second toy to keep around the house to ensure that the cats remain mentally and physically fit! Whether is play time, sleep time or scratch time, your kitty will have it all.

This unit is also suitable for kittens to sleep and a place to feel safe & comfortable.

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The Cheezy cat toy box is shaped like a wedge of cheese and comes with a thick scratching post. This design is ideal for kittens, litters and small breeds. They find comfort in having an enclosed safe area.

We all know that cats love boxes and poking their paws through holes to explore what is on the other side. This unit inspire curiosity and helps cats with their coordination.

This is a fun way to entertain cats, as well as for cats who need to adjust to a new environment or who like to hide away. If your cat is afraid of heights, this high-quality dome house is the ideal present.

Additional information

Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 80 cm

Light Grey, Charcoal


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