Scratch Post and Furniture Collection

Cat trees and scratching posts vary in features and complexity with most cats preferring height over comfort, thereby allowing them a clear survey of their territory.  Many also enjoy more exciting variations which offer shelter, a quiet secluded space or added stimulation for the more adventurous feline.  Scratching is a fundamental feline activity and Scratzme cat furniture is intended to offer cats a sense of security by creating interactive areas that are used solely by them.  This will simultaneously deter them from scratching your valued furniture.



  • Custom built products for those who desire supreme pet friendly product solutions for their furkidz family.
  • We produce premium quality products manufactured by the industry experts with over 15 years experience.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee on craftsmanship.

Eco friendly

  • Suitable for the majority of domestic breeds, ranging from kittens to pizza guzzling Garfields.
  • Materials sourced are environmentally friendly and non-toxic as the safety and wellbeing of your companion is our primary objective.


  • Prevention of possible injury is our priority and all designs are carefully designed, developed and thoroughly tested.
  • With larger surface areas and sturdy products, there is no compromise on strength and stability.


  • Specialise in offering the largest variety of unique designs throughout South Africa since 2004.
  • Available in stylish, earthy tones and colour combinations to compliment your home décor. 
  • Proudly hand-crafted in Cape Town, South Africa.