Pet Comb Flea Salon Grooming Rosewood


Comb Flea Salon Grooming Rosewood

Soft Protection Salon Grooming Flea combs to remove those pesky critters. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, and the teeth are close together to comb out any flea, flea dirt, nits or debris.

This comb is suitable to use on cats and dogs. Suitable for all coat types. Removes fleas, nits and debris.

Regular combing is recommended as it stimulates a coat’s natural oils leading to a healthy shine.

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Comb Flea Salon Grooming Rosewood

The Rosewood Salon Grooming Flea comb, along with a right flea top spot, is an excellent way to help prevent your cat or dog from Flea bite dermatitis.

  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Ideal for checking and spotting fleas on your cat or dog
  • Removes insects, flea dirt, nits and debris
  • Comfortable to use
How to use:
  • Have a soapy bowl of water close by; this is for dipping your comb into.
  • Make sure your pet and yourself are comfortable.
  • Your pet should be standing on a non-slippery surface, outside, as fleas jump.
  • Run the comb through your pet’s fur, start at your pet’s ears and head and move towards the tail.
  • Pay close attention to both the underside and the top of the neck and around their rump. This is where they love to hide.
  • After each thorough combing, stop and look at the comb’s teeth to see if there are any fleas on it.
  • If you notice fleas or dirt, dip it into the soapy water to remove, or remove the insect with your fingers and drop into the water.
  • Fleas migrate, so after combing wait a few minutes and comb again.
  • Always treat your pet with a flea top spot.