Rescue Rehab SA Emergency First Aid Medi Kit for Pets


Rescue Rehab SA Emergency First Aid Medi Kit for Pets

Ideal for home use, at Animal Rescue Organisations, Trauma Assistance and for First Responders at Emergency Callouts.

– All you need to deal with an emergency
– Developed with experience in the field
– Ideal for use with DOGS & CATS and other companion animals

– Sturdy plastic toolbox with fold-flat handle
– Weight: 2.5kg
– Dimensions: 40 x 23 x 19cm



Rescue Rehab SA Emergency First Aid Medi Kit for Pets

What’s in the box: 

– Alcohol swabs (10x) (70% Isopropyl Alcohol) for sterile wound cleaning.
– Antiseptic solution (2x) to stop the bleeding, cleaning, antiseptic.
– Bandage clips (2x) to secure conforming bandage.
– Burn shield (1x) sterile hydrogel that helps cool and soothe burns and scalds.
– Cohesive bandage (1x) to securely attach wound dressings.
– Conforming bandage (2x) to securely attach wound dressings to frequently moving or rounded body parts.
– Cotton buds (100x) to apply liquids (e.g. wound disinfection).
– Cotton wool (12.5g pack) to clean wounds.
– Deworming tablet (1x).
– Disposable gloves (2x) for hygienic wound treatment, protects against transferring bacteria and infections.
– Dog and puppy food (1+1).
– Dog slip lead (1x) can be used for muzzling or restraining if necessary.
– Eye Bath (1x) used for the irrigation of the eye with water or eye wash solution.
– F10 Hand sanitizer (1x) hand disinfectant for all purposes.
– Forceps (1x) to remove small foreign particles (e.g. bee sting, glass fragments).
– Instruction guide included.
– Plaster roll elastic adhesive tape (1x) to attach bandage ends.
– Plastic splint (2x) used to stabilize, protect and support injuries such as fractures, sprains and strains.
– Scissors (1x) to individually adapt wound dressing materials.
– Space blanket (1x) protects against hypothermia, wetness or wind, reflects body heat.
– Sterile gauze swabs (5x) sterile wound covering.
– Syringe (3x) to clean wounds and used to give water when dehydrated.

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Weight 2.5 kg