Cat Flats


With 4 large levels and an access hole on the top level for cats to crawl through or play in between platforms. An amazing well-built unit for large breed cats, lots of levels to chase each other around on or just chill out. Our popular cat window perches allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors by having a front row seat to the action. You will be amazed at the enjoyment that your cat will get from sitting in the window in a cat window seat, window cat bed, or cat window shelf, being able to watch birds and other outdoor activities.

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The Cat Flats scratcher sports four levels with an entrance on the top platform. It is ideal for homes with more than one cat as well as large breeds. The cat window perches provide a comfortable lounge and vantage point for your cats. This is a big cat’s dream of a playground! The posts are covered in carpet but can also be completed in sisal twine rope should you wish to customise your order according to your cats’ preferences. The platforms are covered with plush fleece fabric for extra comfort.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 80 × 55 × 180 cm

Light Grey, Charcoal


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