Cat Salon Grooming Brush Rosewood


Cat Salon Grooming Brush Rosewood

This complete range of high-quality grooming products is designed to be as effective for professional groomers as pet owners. All tools have ergonomic grips to encourage correct use and make grooming easier and more comfortable.

Nobody likes the look of a rugged cat, and if your cat is a lazy groomer then this is just the brush for you!
Suitable for all coat types. The Salon Grooming Cat Brush helps to remove tangles and debris from your cat’s coat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Cat brush with ergonomic hand grip
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Removes tangles and debris

Size: 3.51 x 5 x 19.99 cm


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Cat Salon Grooming Brush Rosewood

Does your cat’s hair lie everywhere in your home? Did you know that your cat needs just as much like a dog, this also depends on your cat’s hair length.

The Salon Grooming Cat Brush helps to remove tangles and more. This brush features an ergonomic soft-grip handle, with a nylon tip brush that gently removes tangles and debris from the coat as well as a soft bristle brush that helps keep the topcoat clean while also reducing shedding.

  • Ideal for cats and ALL cat coat types
  • Great to remove tangles and debris from your cat’s coat
  • Ergonomic handgrip for a comfortable grip and grooming experience


Gently brush your cat’s coat from head to tail starting at the sides first, then gradually moving toward their belly area. The pin side of the brush gently removes tangles from the undercoat area while the bristle side helps remove loos hair and debris from the top coat. For best results, brush short hair cats at least once a week ad long hair cats daily.