Corner Cabin


The Corner Cabin is corner unit with tunnel bed and scratch post fits perfectly into a corner, which makes it an awesome space saver.

This unit offers multiple levels, a ladder, cradle & rope toy for playtime. The Corner Cabin is sturdy and suitable for small to medium breeds and more than one cat utilising the unit simultaneously.

This is an excellent choice or young or smaller breeds with an array of activities and perches for every part of the day!

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The Corner Cabin condo offers both carpet and twine covered scratching posts. Cats adore the multiple levels, ladder & rope toy for playtime. Corner units are ideal for limited spaces or unutilised corners.

The design of Corner Cabin is very popular due to the small area of floor space that it requires and ideal for apartments or patios. It offers a magnitude of options and entertainment for households with more than one cat companion.

Cat’s love this design because it offers so many options to explore with different heights and various components to enjoy!

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 120 cm

Light Grey, Charcoal, Black


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