Sashas Blend ™ complete health for degenerative joint and bone disease


Sashas Blend ™ complete health for degenerative joint and bone disease

Intervet Sashas Blend is made from 100% natural ingredients. The formula stimulates the production of synovial fluid which nourishes the joints and promotes the growth of healthy cartilage powder. Sashas blend is a veterinary product designed for complete joint health. It is safe for use in cats as well as dogs. This product is especially useful if you have an active or working dog, a dog that struggles with stiffness due to age, or a large breed puppy busy developing bones and joints. Sashas Blend is proven to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of degenerative joint disease.

Sashas Blend comes in a 250g jar and is not only a proven complete joint health supplement registered on the National Pharmaceutical Product Index but is also extremely economical.

Daily Dosage and Administration of Sashas Blend Powder

Sashas Blend Powder is to be mixed well with food or drink.   1 level teaspoon = 5ml (approx 2.27 grams)
Note: Give half the recommended dose indicated on the jar for the first week of use.  * Contents are not to be heated

Sashas Blend Powder:  Dosage Chart
Animal Weight: up to 10kg 11 – 20kg 21 – 30kg 31 – 40kg 41kg and up
TreatmentDaily Dose: 1/2 level tsp 3/4 level tsp 1 level tsp 1 ¼ level tsp 1 ½ level tsp
Preventative/Maintenance Daily Dose 1/4 level tsp 3/8 level tsp 1/2 level tsp 5/8 level tsp 3/4 level tsp
Sashas Blend 250g jar will last as follows:
Animal Weight 10kg 20kg 30kg 40kg
Treatment Dose 220 days(over 7 months) 145 days(almost 5 months) 110 days(almost 4 months) 88 days(almost 3 months)
Preventative /Maintenance Dose 440 days(almost 15 months) 290 days(almost 9.5 months) 220 days(over 7 months) 176 days(almost 6 months)

Powder Treatment Dosage may be doubled following joint injury or surgery in order to assist in recovery.

Do not administer to your pet if they have an allergy to shellfish.

Sashas Blend offers complete joint health for dogs and cats

Joint mobility

We know that Glycosaminoglycans (also called Mucopolysaccharides) are a component of connective tissue, and that they act as a natural lubricant. Glycosaminoglycans play a role in maintaining viscosity of various connective tissues, which act as a buffer and reduce the movements between the different joints. When dogs get older, the canine body has a tendency to reduce the production of Glycosaminoglycans. This reduction will have a negative impact on joint mobility.


Sashas Blend Powder

Available in 250g. Sashas Blend is a fine powder with a pungent fishy smell. 100% natural, made of 60% New Zealand green-lipped mussel, 20% fish cartilage and 20% abalone. Scoop of 2.25g included.


All Sashas Blend products are completely free of artificial preservatives, dyes, fillers and cereals.

Glucosamine Sulfate: No less than 14%; of which the main component is chondroitin. The rest includes glucosamine and keratin sulphate.
Essential fatty acids: Omega-3 (EPA & DHA).
Trace elements: boron, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, taurine.

Daily dose according to weight of animal

The indicated dosage is a maintenance dose, use half this dose for the first week. Sashas Blend can be safely used for extended periods. For the bites, please calculate quantity x 1.25g = daily dose in grams.


Store this product at room temperature in a dark place below 25ºC


Sashas Blend ™ complete health for degenerative joint and bone disease

Sashas Blend is proven to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of degenerative joint disease without ANY unnatural ingredients or side effects.

Sashas Blend is an all-natural formula that includes green-lipped mussel, abalone and marine cartilage – the sourcing of which meets international conservation requirements. Sashas Blend brings proven relief to painful joints – the juggling training is up to you. This unique, 100% natural formula stimulates the production of synovial fluid which nourishes the joints and promotes the growth of healthy cartilage. Synovial fluid is essential for healthy joints because it acts as a cushion and lubricant between bones. Sashas Blend assists with your dog’s mobility and vitality by helping to maintain the fluid that cushions joints, and suppressing the production of nitric oxide, which can contribute to the pain and breakdown of healthy joints. Sashas Blend also provides the body with the nutrients required by the cartilage, acts as a cushion for the joint and drains waste materials from the cartilage. It also suppresses the production of nitric oxide which produces a harmful enzyme causing pain in joints. It is a Veterinary Product designed for Complete Joint Health which consists of 100% natural seafood extracts and supplemented to cats and dogs diets to promote supple joints.


  • All-natural support for joint health
  • promotes growth of healthy cartilage
  • maintains synovial fluid
  • suppresses production of nitric oxide
  • powdered form to be mixed with food or drink
  • refer to label for dosage information and instructions
  • no additives or fillers.


  • All Natural Formula possessing anti-inflammatory actives for reducing inflammation with no side effects.
  • Promotes growth of healthy cartilage and conditions the joints by helping maintain the fluid (known as Synovial Fluid) that cushions joints.
  • Suppresses the production of Nitric Oxide which is a major chemical produced responsible for pain and the breakdown of a healthy joint.
  • May Help in the relief if arthritic symptoms in dogs
  • Suitable for use in active or aging dogs
  • Product of New Zealand


Sashas Blend”_ is 100% pure and natural with no additives or fillers. It contains Stabilised Green Lipped Mussel, Abalone and Marine Cartilage. This unique combination of marine concentrates contains a wide range of nutrients that are beneficial in the relief of arthritic symptoms in dogs. The actives in Sashas Blend ™ are very delicate. Harvesting times and methods of processing are very crucial to the final formulation.

This product solution is a must if your dog is:

  • Active
  • Large breed
  • A Working or Sports Dog
  • Showing signs of slowing down and stiffness due to old age
  • Young puppies still developing their joints, especially in larger breeds (4 – 24 months)

Or is suffering from:

  • Hip or Elbow Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Osteo-Chondritis
  • Spondylosis (a degenerative arthritis, osteoarthritis, of the spinal vertebra and related tissue. If severe, it may cause pressure on nerve roots with subsequent pain or paresthesia in the limbs)
  • Stiff or Painful Joints
  • Joint Injury
  • Reduced Joint Mobility
  • Is about to undergo Joint Surgery
  • Is recovering from Joint Surgery

Sashas Blend™  is approved by South Africa’s top two medical aids for pets:

Medipet logo   Petsure logo

This means that their “veterinary advisers have approved Sashas Products and that they may award benefit towards using this medicine”.

Sashas Products must be “dispensed by a qualified veterinarian, registered with the South African Veterinary Council or if a script is provided by same, to obtain the product from a pharmacy.”

This wonderful news means that now joint problems can be pro-actively cared for by giving your dogs Sashas Blend™ as a preventative medication, especially in working and large breed dogs that may be more prone to joint injury or problems.

Sashas Blend Registration Numbers:

  • V18886 Act 36 of 1947
  • 140500 Act 101 of 1965

Peer-Reviewed and published, Sashas Blend boasts having the highest quality of science in the world.  Sashas Blend is also approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, the national registering authority for Veterinary Medicines as a pharmaceutical i.e. Sashas Blend is proven to be as effective as anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of degenerative joint disease.Sashas Blend is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and approved by the Department of Health (RSA)  Medical Control Council.

ANALYSIS PER 2 GRAM                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Crude protein 1.29g, Carbohydrate 0.23g, Total fat 0.11g, Ash 0.34g, Moisture 0.04g, Energy 29.8kj, Energy 7.1kcal
Trace Elements: Boron 22″_g, Calcium 60mg, Copper 18″_g , Iron 2.6mg, Magnesium 6.2mg, Manganese 32″_g , Phosphorus 38mg, Potassium 14mg, Selenium 3″_g, Sodium 28mg, Zinc 149″_g
Total Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3 32.3mg (EPA 8.9mg DHA 10.4mg), Polyunsaturated 35.6mg, Monounsaturated 23.6mg
Contains: Taurine 1.9%, Glycosaminoglycans 14% – predominant GAG – Chondroitin Sulphate

About Sashas

Sashas Blend was launched in 1999 by Ballarat company Interpath, owned by Dan & Corina Bright when their own dog Sasha began to show signs of lameness after exercise and she was only 11 years old.

The company has medical and veterinary health divisions, and is an industry leader specializing in the scientific research and development for the treatment of tissue and cellular inflammation. Dan & Corina were already in the human health industry and had sufficient knowledge to question why veterinarians did not have a scientifically proven natural joint health treatment that could be taken long term without side effects. As well as using their own expertise, they contracted scientific facilities to research joint function and looked for natural actives and combinations which would provide outstanding results in terms of promoting joint function and mobility in dogs and cats. Interpath continues to focus on research and development.

Soon to be published will be the results of their Equine joint health/pain relief product, a result of 3 years of ground breaking trial work including the discovery of a new active ingredient. This is absolutely essential in working and large breed dogs that may be more prone to joint injury or problems. Depending on the weight of your pet for instance a 30kg dog would need one teaspoon of powder mixed with food or drink once a day. For the first week we recommend start on half the dose and then build up to the full dose. If this fails mix into a paste as follows: Spoon a weeks worth into a cup and mix into a dry paste with a little olive oil or natural yoghurt. Roll into balls and store in an airtight jar in the fridge. If your pet won’t eat it mixed in with their food then make it into balls and hide it in a treat. In some animals a positive effect can be seen in as little as three days.
If using for working or racing/agility dogs, the dose can be reduced when not in full training and can be increased a few days prior to working or competition. It is also safe to give in pets with pre-existing conditions, however it is recommended you check with your vet. Haliotis iris, which is one of the constituents, is known to actually be beneficial to the heart. It’s suitable to give to all dog breeds of any agr with hip dysplasia, joint injuries, or to dogs slowing down with age or arthritis. We recommend you consult with your vet before beginning any new treatment to ensure your animal is being adequately treated with the appropriate medications.
Compared with most other joint health products Sashas Blend is very cost effective. Dosage rates vary significantly for each product so you cannot just determine cost effectiveness based on the retail price or pack size. This can be solved by making the powder into balls with for example, olive oil or yoghurt and administering directly into the mouth, or by feeding the unopened capsules hidden in a treat or piece of food so that they are swallowed whole. We have had great success with dogs with Hip Dysplasia. Untreated Hip Dysplasia will lead to an early onset of Arthritis in the hip areas only adding to pain and discomfort.
The sooner you start with treatment for this condition, the better off your pet will be now and in the long term. Once you see a consistent improvement in your dog you can reduce the dose to the standard amount, this will continue to keep your dog active.


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