80 x 35 x 30cm, 35cm dia. & 20cm dia. tunnel. Awesome for just wheeling about & hiding out!

Stylish, eccentricity? Modern cat furniture designs delivers unique and fun cat furniture that doesn’t compromise on style. We hope you’ll enjoy your Modern kitty wheels just as much as your cat does! Not only for small cats! Your cat will use it for scratching as well as sleeping. This unit looks great in any living room. The fur inserts are comfortable enough for a cat nap, yet the carpet covered outside is durable and safe enough for your cat to really dig their claws into! y. How can I be sure my cat will like this furniture? Some cats can be fickle and won’t immediately appreciate their cool new furniture. Generally, cats need to understand that a new piece of furniture is for them. Sometimes it can take a little time to adjust (and to stop scratching your favorite sofa!). We recommend positively re-enforcing their usage of their new Scratzme cat post by using treats, petting, and catnip to communicate their ownership. Soon, you’ll have a hard time tearing them away from their new cat post. Cleaning All Scratzme units are really easy to keep clean with periodic vacuuming. Our recommendation is to use a fabric roller for quick cleaning. The carpet can also be cleaned with dry carpet powder



The Ducati scratcher is a welcome addition to any feline’s playground. This stylish, eccentric and modern cat furniture delivers fun without compromising on style or functionality.

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Light Grey, Charcoal, Black


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