Protexin Soluble Probiotic For Dogs, Cats & Horses


Protexin Soluble Probiotic For Dogs, Cats & Horses

Support the health and balance of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestine with this palatable, 7-strain, Protexin Soluble, probiotic powder that contains live, heat and acid resistant, natural organisms.

Protexin Soluble Probiotic For Dogs, Cats & Horses ideal for all pets including cats, dogs, rodents, piglets, lamb and cattle, even if they are pregnant or lactating. It should be given soon after birth for the correct balance of microflora in the digestive system, and should be used during and after antibiotics.

Use it before, during and after stress situations like changes in diet, transportation, environment and surgical procedures, as it aids in the control and prevention of diarrhoea.

This completely natural biological product is a marvel – it boosts immunity and helps pets to resist the effects of stress and infections.

* Probiotic powder
* Contains natural organisms
* Pet-safe for all animals
* Before and after antibiotics
* Before, during, after stressful situations
* Boosts immunity
* Prevents, controls diarrhoea
* Natural biological product
* Aids with gut stress and infections
* Add to milk, water, milk replacer or over food

Protexin Soluble is a biological product which helps to ensure a beneficial balance of Digestive tract micro-organisms. It is a multiple-strain probiotic powder safe for use in all animals.

– Protexin Soluble has a broad-spectrum action because it contains nine different organisms. Probiotics are very sensitive and can be destroyed by heat and stomach acids. But Protexin Soluble is made by a special process to ensure full potency at time of use: the organisms are first freeze-dried and then enclosed in a protective coating.
– It is a completely natural biological product which helps to boost immunity. This in turn enables the animal to resist the effects of stress and infections.
– At birth, the Digestive systems of young animals are normally sterile. It is important for the animal to quickly establish a normal stomach flora to prevent pathogenic organisms getting a foothold, because within hours of birth bacteria will start to colonise the gut.

Protexin Soluble with its beneficial bacteria should be given before these other, possibly harmful, bacteria establish themselves in the gut of the young animal. The beneficial bacteria will multiply, exclude the harmful bacteria, and establish themselves in the Digestive system, thus giving the animal a head-start in life. This good start will help to maintain healthy growth and keep the animal in healthy condition throughout its life.
– Protexin Soluble also aids in the control of scours (diarrhea) of non-specific or dietary origin.
– Protexin Soluble should always be used during and after antibiotic therapy to restore stomach microflora (which are destroyed by antibiotics).

Protexin Soluble should be used:

– During the first few weeks after birth.
– Before, during, and after stress situations (e.g.. changes in food, environment, transportation, or surgical procedures).
– To mothers before giving birth and before and during weaning.
– As a routine follow-up to antibiotic therapy.
– Regular use helps to prevent gastric disturbances and keeps animals healthy.


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Protexin Soluble Probiotic For Dogs, Cats & Horses

Available in 250 g and 1kg tub

Directions for use:

Protexin Soluble is a palatable powder which can be added to milk, milk replacer or water, or simply added to the animal’s food. One heaped medicine measure = g.
Dogs and cats: g (« a medicine measure) daily
Hamsters/Rodents: «-g (c to ¬ medicine measure) daily
Birds: 5-1g per litre drinking water per day
Horses: Foals/ponies: g per day
Adult horses: 1g per day
Cattle: Calves: g per day for 3 days and g per day thereafter
Weaned calves and adult cattle: g per day
Lambs: g per day
Piglets/Weaners: g per day for 5 days

Protexin Soluble may be used for all animals including pregnant and lactating animals. It is completely harmless and there are no withdrawal periods or any other restrictions on its use

Protexin Soluble Probiotic For Dogs, Cats & Horses Composition:

Protexin Soluble contains live heat- and acid-resistant natural organisms found in the intestines of healthy animals.
Bacteria: Lactobacillus planetarium, Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bugaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Streptococcus salvarius subsp. thermophiles, Enterococcus faecium.
Mould: Aspergillus oryzae
Yeast: Candida pintolopesi

Total Viable Count not less than 2 x 10 cfu (colony forming units) /gram. These organisms repair and re-establish the natural protective flora of the body which may be damaged or destroyed by specific disease gents, stress conditions (dietary disturbances, transport, antibiotic treatment, etc.), or by chemical or plant poisonings.
Note for diabetic patients: Protexin Soluble contains dextrose glucose



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250g, 1kg